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Chris N7JND

Net Manager

Originally licensed as a Novice in 1983, I have always been fascinated with radio.  Prior to Ham Radio, I was very involved with CB, Shortwave Listening, Scanner Listening and Standard AM Broadcast DXing.  I can honestly say, that a day does not go by that I'm not listening to a radio.

I enjoy going to local Hamfests and other Ham Radio Events and socializing with those that attend. I also run a successful EBAY store where I sell various communications gear and parts.

I enjoy operating HF, VHF & UHF.  I have a full HF setup along with many VHF/UHF radios.  Seems an HT is always on my belt loop. I mostly hang out on 40 & 20 Meters when on HF.

I am a member of  EAARS, CACTUS and the Arizona Sun Bums.  I enjoy going to mountain top repeater sites and lending a hand or two maintaining these radios.  There's always something to learn when visiting these sites.

Both my Wife (N7EMB) and I enjoy working community events and being part of the communication teams that provide valuable radio communications for the safety of those participating.  My wife heads up many of these events.  It's a rewarding experience.

I am also a VE for the Radio Society of Tucson and enjoy bringing new Hams on board and getting them on the air.


I am the Net Manager for the EAARS system.  I enjoy participating in both VHF/UHF nets along with many HF nets.

I also enjoy taking portable HF out to the field or parks and operating.  I can operate either from battery  or generator when in the field.

There's just something magical about looking up at my antennas on a Sunday morning at daybreak and think.... WOW, I can talk around the world with this stuff.   Radio never gets old to me.  Someone once  asked me why I prefer talking on a radio opposed to a cell phone.  My answer is simple.  Make a long distance random call to someone on a cell phone and ask, WHAT'S UP and they will probably hang up on you.  Make a long distance call to someone on Ham Radio, and you will have a friend for life!!!