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[IMG]Cheri, Grace-KB7CSE & Beth-AA7NW prepare the evening meal.JPG2009-05-02 12:35 2.0M 
[IMG]Dan-K7IA, operating the 20 CW station.JPG2009-05-02 10:04 2.1M 
[IMG]Dan-K7IA, tries to figure out where the elements go.JPG2009-04-30 14:02 2.6M 
[IMG]Dave-N7AM trying to make 20 M RTTY work.JPG2009-05-02 12:37 2.0M 
[IMG]Earl, not a Ham but always a great helper.JPG2009-05-13 21:47 959K 
[IMG]Erin-KB5ZKE, plays her radio.JPG2009-05-01 10:09 2.2M 
[IMG]Jack-KB7ZZY working 40 M SSB.JPG2009-05-02 12:42 1.7M 
[IMG]Larry-N5BG, runnin' 'em on 20 SSB.JPG2009-05-02 06:52 2.2M 
[IMG]Milt-N5IA & Steve-N2IC doubling up on the 40 M CW contacts.JPG2009-05-13 21:41 809K 
[IMG]Milt-N5IA, Dan-K7IA, & Larry-N5BG discuss the generators.JPG2009-05-13 21:52 778K 
[IMG]Milt-N5IA, Earl, and Richard-N7XEU, lay out tower and antenna.JPG2009-05-13 21:49 1.4M 
[IMG]Milt-N5IA, gets high with the 15 M phasing harness.JPG2009-04-30 15:40 1.7M 
[IMG]Richard-N7XEU, asks where does this U-bolt go.JPG2009-05-13 21:46 1.0M 
[IMG]Rick-W5CF & Jack-KB7ZZY try their luck on 15 M SSB.JPG2009-05-02 12:36 1.7M 
[IMG]Rick-W5CF, runs the 40 M SSB station in the EAARS comm bus.JPG2009-05-02 06:51 2.2M 
[IMG]Russ-WA5Y, operating the 20 CW station.JPG2009-05-02 10:02 2.2M 
[IMG]Steve-N2IC, Milt-N5IA, Dan-K7IA, Larry-N5BG & Steve N7SCL plotting the next action.JPG2009-05-13 21:56 1.1M 
[IMG]Steve-N7SCL, looking for another PSK-31 contact.JPG2009-05-02 06:52 1.8M 
[   ]Thumbs.db2009-05-13 22:47 194K 
[   ]WS_FTP.LOG2009-05-27 16:43 11K 
[IMG]What it takes to make the 20 CW station work.JPG2009-05-02 10:04 2.9M 

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